Yoga with Energy, Passion and Inspiration



We are specialised boutique-designed and full-character hot yoga studio in Dundee established 2013.

To us everyone is unique and welcomed.  Work at your own pace, with expert guidance, and with the reassurance of a small group environment.

Hot Yoga Dundee studio's special feature is under-floor heating, wonderfully designed so it can be heated for a full Hot Detox Yoga 30-38 Degrees, as well as providing  a comfortable temperature for warm Yoga and Pilates classes at 20-25 degrees. 

Our Studio is renowned for its unique warm design, an impeccable standard of cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere.

Our Class Schedule Includes:

* Beginner Warm Yoga * Flow Hot Yoga *  Hatha Yoga - Flow Hot Yoga Deep Stretch * Hot Beginners Yoga *Pilates * Reformer Pilates * Pilates workout on  the Stability Ball * Ashtanga Yoga * Restorative Yoga * Meditation Classes * Candle-lit Yoga *


Check our Class Schedule and Special Events pages for details, and for more information email  [email protected] or call Madira on 07817 774292