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Level 1 Workshops being held between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th

 Level 2 Workshops being held between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017

  Price per workshop is £50

 All workshops are held at Yoga on Tay Studio, 24 High Street , DD6 8AD



Dr. Laurie Rauch, Neurobiologist working at the University of Cape Town‘s Division of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ESSM), and myself Andre’, Natural Movement Coach, have teamed up to design a Nervous System Training Workshop. Their teachings represent a powerful combination of cutting edge science and ancient Martial Arts to demonstrate how to gain composure and reset over-activated stress responses and channel this energy into optimal performance.

Re: Nervous System Training Workshop to calm the mind and relax the body and improve performance Dr. Laurie Rauch, Neurobiologist, who has been working at the University of Cape Town‘s Division of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ESSM), and myself Andre’ Oelofse, Natural Movement Coach, have teamed up to design a Nervous System Training Workshop. The teachings represent a powerful combination of cutting edge science and ancient Martial Arts to demonstrate how to reset over-activated stress responses and channel it into productive performance. Please find outlined below further information regarding our Nervous System Training Workshop. Further details can be found on our website which include Dr Laurie Rauch’s blogs: “Follow your heart but only if you know who is leading” April 7th 2016, ”Moving from the Spine” April 7th 2016, “The Art of soccer: Move from the spine not with the feet“ December 28th 2016 - amongst others. It has been a privilege to spend the past six months promoting our teachings in the United States of America and Europe. I am currently in Scotland and scheduled to depart on Monday the 20th of November 2017 but anticipate returning next year. I would be delighted to answer any queries that you may have with a view to meeting you in person to discuss the possibility of hosting a workshop tailored for the needs of  your organisation in the foreseeable future. I can be contacted by email using address 

Warm regards,

                Andre’ Oelofse

Nervous System Training Workshop Summary

 “Through the subconscious control of postural correct movement and deep relaxation, the ‘Calm in the Storm’ training method aims to increase performance, wellbeing and productivity in our society. The value of the ‘Calm in the Storm’ method to relieve stress lies in neutralising rather than fighting stressors. Combining the principles of optimal movement and footwork - developed over thousands of years in the martial arts – with cutting edge scientific research, Calm in the Storm offers a game changing performance toolkit for any individual or team looking to reach their true potential.” (Andre’ Oelofse) Andre’ works with neurobiologist Dr. Laurie Rauch of the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine department at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Rauch who has pioneered the study of how regulating your bodies heart rate, optimal body positioning, and breathing has a direct correlation to performance. “An athlete’s movement on the sports field is largely an automatic process. Coordination of movement best left to subcortical brain structures. Thinking kept to a minimum. The only conscious part of movement should be the goal of the intended Movement; while the movement itself is essentially a chain of reflexes. This remarkable ‘automated’ process enables world class athletes to move at speeds that seemingly defy the laws of nature often under extremes of pressure.” (Dr. Laurie Rauch) Andre’ implements this through several teachings consisting of Tai Chi Chuan, Natural movements and boxing. “My goal is to teach players how to meet life on the front foot, in life or on the pitch. Cultivating them for life, in a relaxed manner and teaching them to trust their bodies. You have a goal in your mind and regulating your body helps you to achieve this. Meeting obstacles and not shying away from them is the ultimate goal of this teaching. Three principles I went over with the kids were: Good structure, good rhythm through the spine (good posture) and optimal timing.” (Andre’ Oelofse) Please see  the editorial of Andre’s recent coaching visit in Europe for more information (see

Correct Body Posture and Alignment 

The human body moves in the same way that animals move out in nature, though with the added complexity of having to ‘balance’ on only two legs. While this human ‘balancing act’ prevents us from reaching the sheer speeds of a galloping horse or a cheetah in full flight, it frees up our arms for more productive tasks. More to the point, humans are unique in nature in that our upper limbs are only used for locomotor duties during sporting activities like swimming, rowing, cross country skiing. Having said that, our arms do also have critical locomotor functions, e.g. as counter balances during walking to facilitate efficiency. In fact the whole body contributes to this balancing act of walking upright, though we can get away with some body parts being out of alignment. What I mean with ‘get away with’ is that any body part that is out of alignment is sensed by the brain and corrected for by slight alteration in the movement pattern. Crucially this ‘correction factor’ decreases the efficiency and reaction time of the body’s movements. Looking at it from this perspective, we can start to see that the more our body alignment is out of kilter, the more energy we will require to do a particular movement. The corollary of this argument is the better our body alignment the less energy it will take to move the body and the quicker our reaction time will be. The same goes for rhythmic movements, the better the body’s rhythm during movement the less the energy and the faster the reaction time. Upright movement is coordinated subcortically via the basal ganglia and the brainstem, a part of the brain known as the Reptilian brain or R-brain, and executed via locomotor muscles activated from the spine. As the name suggests, the R-brain is complex enough to keep primitive vertebrates, like sharks, amphibians and reptiles alive and thriving in a dangerous world without much thought. These animals don’t anticipate nor strategize, rather taking their cues directly from their immediate environments. Stimulus response types of behaviours keep them clear of danger and attract them to biological needs like food and mates. In humans, upright locomotion requires exquisite coordination that is best left entirely to the R-brain. Our locomotor movements are initiated via the Midbrain Locomotor Region or MLR for short. The MLR is found in the center of our R-brain at the top of the brainstem. The MLR activates reticulo-spinal nerves that run down the spine and triggers the alpha motorneurones in the spine. Alpha motorneurones stimulates locomotor muscles to effect repetitive motor activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, paddling, chewing and swallowing.

Andre’ Oelofse 

 Andre' Oelofse played a key role in pioneering Pilates in South Africa 20 years ago. He studied in the USA and accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of human physiology and kinetics by working closely with respected physiotherapists and chiropractors. Andre`s clients over the years have ranged from people with chronic pain and dysfunction to elite athletes. He sets a very high standard in the industry and is often invited to present workshops in Africa and overseas in Europe, United States of America. He has appeared in various magazines (i.e. Men`s Health, Fair Lady, Cosmopolitan, Odyssey) and has also received television coverage on Top Billing and Free Spirit. Andre’ prefers to call himself a `movement coach`. He has developed a unique exercise approach, which enables you to find your natural strength, flexibility and balance to facilitate the heightened awareness that creates the perfect harmony between mind and body. He has studied and practiced Pilates, Tai Chi Chuan, boxing and natural movement for most of his life and has become an expert in these teachings and believes he has a strong understanding of the language of movement. Andre’ fuses the disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan, boxing and natural movement to create a step by step training syllabus to teach one to move more efficiently and gracefully and keep `Calm in the Storm`. He has taught the `Calm in the Storm` syllabus to professional soccer players and an ex South African heavyweight mixed martial arts champion including working with an Ajax professional football player. He has also introduced these teachings to business executives. Andre uses his experience to teach this natural grace to children, the elderly, sportsmen and women and anyone who wants to discover their true potential.