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   START DATE FOR ALL YOGA and PILATES CLASSES           is the 9th January 2017


  Classes running from 5 September and open for booking now :  

                   More information coming soon as website is currently being developed .

                     Wednesday  6 - 7.15 pm   Moving into Stillness Yoga with Sheree

            Moving into stillness will focus on balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions. Through the practise of Hatha Yoga you will be guided through asanas to stretch, open and still the body, and practise different yogic breathing (pranayama) techniques to balance and still the mind. The class will practise different techniques of concentration and meditation each week to allow us to discover our own natural rhythm and reveal our true nature. The class will end with Yoga Nidra a method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Thursday    4:15-5:45  NEW TIME!     HOT YOGA - FLOW (heat 35-40 deg )                     
An invigorating yoga practice in a heated, humid studio, which benefits healing, and cleanses your whole body, and tones all the muscles.  Recommended for weight loss.

 FRIDAY NEW -  6pm - 7.15pm  HOT YOGA -  Deep Stretch LEVEL 1 , (Heat 30 - 38 deg)
                  Recommended class to those who are new to Hot Yoga.
       Class is gentler paced Hatha Flow , with plenty delightful opportunity to open up, stretch, enjoy your detoxing twists and tap into inner strength.



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Book with Instructor: Madira Gregurek 07817 774 292
Please state which class(es) you wish to book, and any special considerations you may have, such as a women-only class.
Booking is completed at the time of payment.