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Madira Gregurek

My Yoga journey started 1994 in Jaganath Puri, India, where I dedicated 4 years to living, breathing and dreaming Yoga in all its limbs within Yoga Baladeva Ashram.  With the founding of Hot Yoga Dundee in 2016, I have sought to empower students to be strong, flexible and easy in their bodies, peaceful and clear in their minds, and playful in spirit.

My classical training provided me with a lifetime of respect and dedication towards Yoga as a spiritual, physical and healing practice.  I have been passionate about Yoga, dance and the arts all my life and I believe in the transformative potential of these mediums for personal and social change.  It was the Yoga asanas that took my curiosity towards further movement-dance studies, and my completing an MA in Dance Performance at the University of Limerick in 2006.  I noticed flow and softness in my Yoga practice and teaching, being influenced by Body-Mind-Centering movement techniques and the Authentic Movement therapy technique.

Alexander Technique & Pilates training in Ireland enriched my teaching allowing me to confidently work with people with spine, shoulder and hip injuries.

I have taught communities of sportsmen and women, dancers and students in Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, England, Croatia and India. 

Being a teacher here at Hot Yoga Dundee gives me the opportunity to contribute and to share my experience, knowledge and passion for yoga with you.  We understand that every student has their individual reasons and needs for practicing, and whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual,  and we will provide a welcoming, supportive environment for you to have the most positive experience.


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Sabrina Simpson 

Sabrina grew up in Canada, where she was involved in many sports from a very young age. She is an outdoor enthusiast, so if she is not in the Pilates Studio helping clients achieve their goals, you will find her on the hills; walking, running, mountain biking, skiing or travelling. Recently she mushed a team of huskies across the Arctic from Tromsø Norway to Kiruna Sweden.

Moving to Scotland in 2002 she has been there ever since.

She is a Second Generation Master Teacher and Educator trained by Internationally Acclaimed first generation teacher Lolita San Miguel. She completed the Pilates Master Mentorship Programme, in Palm Beach Florida,  July 2016.

Sabrina's Pilates qualifications also include; Body Control Pilates Matwork, with recognition as a Master Mat Teacher. She also has the Body Control Reformer Certificate, Cadillac Certificate, Chair Certificate, Pregnancy 1 & 2, Pilates for Children Foundation, Pilates for Children Ages 12-16, Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis), Pilates for Golf.

Other qualifications include; Diploma in Personal Training - Premier Training International; First Aid, Optimum & Sports Nutrition, Circuits, Body Massage & Sports Massage Therapy, Fitness Training Award; Ante & Post Natal, Older Adults, Sports Specific, Weight Management in 2002, Power Studio Cycling - First Marketing, and Stability Ball Training Level 1 & 2 - Education in Action.

Sabrina's outlook towards life is always be learning, overcoming fears and look for new challenges.

Sabrina Faith Simpson
[email protected]
(mobile) +44 (0)7825551107

Marc Hamilton

Marc has travelled to fulfil his passion for Ashtanga Yoga and to learn from teachers who have many years of experience in this area.  Over the years he has regularly travelled to Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as London, and has recently returned from India.  It is also becoming an annual pilgrimage to travel to Crete to practice with and learn from a well established Ashtanga teacher there.

He learns as much as he can during these times and takes what he has learned into his daily practice and teaching.  He is enthusiastic about Ashtanga and is intent on building an Ashtanga community in Dundee.  Unlike other cities in Scotland Ashtanga is lacking in Dundee and he is looking to be a big part in changing this.  

The Ashtanga practice is perfect for increasing strength, flexibility and general fitness.   With its emphasis on the breath and movement it increases and channels energy and provides stability and focus.  Because this level of energy and focus is available in the practice, he believes that a sense of humour is important and uses a light hearted approach so that the practice is also fun. 


For further information about Marc's classes and workshops please email  [email protected] or call on 07783638141

Jen Hart

Jen started her yoga journey in Glasgow 2013. Previously a complete beginner, she stumbled across a class at her local leisure centre and has never looked back. The class, a hybrid of Hatha and Restorative yoga practices, quickly became engrained into Jennifer’s routine as she saw the benefits in mind and body. 

Learning the true power of the breathe pranayama techniques inform Jennifer’s yoga philosophy significantly. Her passion for the synchronising flow of breath and movement are central to her practice owing to their deeply powerful restorative properties. 

The plethora of benefits and the transformative power Jen felt from practising yoga inspired her to undertake yoga teaching training. Jennifer obtained a Yoga Alliance approved, 200 hour Hatha Raja Teacher Certificate from YogaJo’s in Milingavie, Glasgow. Over this year long training course Jennifer gained extensive knowledge and understanding of Asthanga Practise, and has since implemented this into part of weekly personal practise. Jennifer is currently offering beginners classes at the studio. 

Jennifer has recently started a postgraduate masters qualification in Sports Science and Nutrition and is keen to explore and deepen her knowledge of the physical and mental benefits of movement. 

For further information about Jen's classes please email her on [email protected] or call me on 07783972434

Sheree Cosgrove


My name is Sheree, for the past 22 years I have been looking for the answers to the question “what is life all about?”

The Journey began, I started searching studying whatever I could Ki energy certification, Neuro linguistic programming gaining the qualification of NLP master practitioner. Then studying Pellowah gaining the qualification of level 2 practitioner. Still searching I was guided to yoga, I remember the many reasons that I had created why I could not do yoga, the limited understanding I had of yoga was that only young, thin flexible people could do yoga. I was not young, thin or flexible and yet I could feel a spark within, this was enough to motivate me to start practising yoga.

My first experience was in a safe class where I could stay in my comfort zone, I felt something was missing.  I moved from Australia to Scotland and was guided to Madira, when I first went to Madira’s class I was amazed at how Madira could motivate and move people out of the comfort zone.  Madira came from a place of love and compassion with an unlimited amount of energy for everyone.  The spark was lit the light shone brighter, in the beginning I could not do many of the asanas that were being practised. The teacher would say breath into the asana and relax and yet my mind came up with many reasons why I could not do the asanas and the battle began.  One day I entered the present moment, I could feel the body, I breathed into the asana and relaxed.  Ahh, I felt deep compassion and love for myself and those around me. The yoga asanas that I struggled with are now my favourites on so many levels, each one allows me to get to know myself a little more, allowing an opening for enjoyment and exploration and the ability to smile and laugh when I cannot do them. What I have learnt from yoga is that yoga is a journey  allowing us to know the truth, that we are already all that we are, perfect, whole and complete.

My journey took me to Rishikesh in India, where I trained to be a yoga teacher with Master Yogi Anant.  My time in India was life changing on so many levels, Yogi Anant taught me to teach from my heart. I was given the name Jyoti by Yogi Anant in Rishikesh India, Jyoti is the Sanskrit word for “Light”

Now I am back in Scotland and share what I have learnt from Yogini Madira, Yogi Anant and myself to teach with love and compassion with no attachment to the outcome.  The spark is now a flame.

My name is Jyoti

so Hum I am that

For further information about my classes please contact me on [email protected] or call 07518906080

Dominique Adams

Dominique began her yoga journey here at Hot Yoga Dundee, after her first class with Madira she fell in love with the practice and how it made her instantly became huge part of her life. 

Incorporating her love for travel & wholefoods with her new found love for yoga, holidays & days away were planned around her practice. Dominique loves experiencing different styles, teachers and studios around the world. Favouring Hot hatha flow yoga & Ashtanga, these styles will influence her classes.

Through her practice of yoga Dominique has evolved and grown, finding joy, mindfulness, space & freedom as well as learning to slow down & just breath in her day to day routine (this helps when working in busy ,fast paced pizzeria).

Enjoying the immense benefits yoga brought to her life, on and off the mat, Dominique then travelled to India where she trained in Traditional Hatha Yoga at Ayuryoga Eco Ashram and immersed herself in the beauty & colourful culture of the country where the lineage began.

Dominique is continually inspired by the transformational powers of yoga and is excited to share her passion with others in the very studio that she discovered the magic.

For further information about Dominique's classes please email her at [email protected] or call 0772 255 8853.

Maureen Meade

I am a yogi, a mother, a Scottish Canadian, an outdoor adventure seeker and have been a teacher in various capacities throughout my life.  I am currently a massive risk taker- as I embark on this journey out of the corporate world and into a life of doing and sharing what I love.  I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching yoga since completing my YTT in 2015 at Meadowlark Yoga under the incredible leadership and wisdom of Karen Kirkness. Every year I find that yoga brings so much more to my life then just the physical practice- and this is why I teach.  

My yoga practice  surrounds me with a community of inspiring and like minded people, it encourages  positive change in how I eat and how I interact with the people that I surround myself with. I aim to create a space for people to learn to accept themselves with their strengths and limitations, physically and mentally, and give them a safe and relaxing place to deepen their yoga practice.

My training is in Ashtanga and Vinyasa but I like to  also teach yin and power vinyasa in a style which is slow and accessible to students of all levels of yoga experience.  
We live in a world right now where we have become addicted to our screens so we need this practice now more then ever, for our minds, our spines, our hips and for our happiness and peace of mind.  I have a fun and playful approach to my classes and am always up for a chat after if there something you are unsure about or would like some personal guidence on or off the mat.  I am new to Dundee so would like to meet people and find out what makes this city tick! 
Come and give it a try,  its not that scary - in fact sometimes the toughest part is just showing up.